Monthly Archives: July 2012

The Space Film Festival

An unexpected yet annual event has happened in my life, and I found myself away from home for a whole week, with nothing in particular to do. Luckily, I was joined by friends, each armed with a computer and a data package, as well as my own 320 GB external hard drive. So, out of […]

An educated gamble

Naturally, my midway analysis of Euro 2012 has quickly turned into an object of ridicule. Whereas the Champions League was won by a battered and beat down Chelsea in a true Rocky Balboa style, the strongest team emerged victorious from Poland and Ukraine. So much for my conclusions about national team football being more random and […]

The Black Obelisk

I’ve read Erich Maria Remarque’s novel “Three Comrades” many years ago, sometime during high-school. I love that book, though I can barely recall the characters or the plot. What lingers on me with me is the atmosphere of the book, its main themes and the remembrance of how well-written it is. When I started reading Remarque’s “The […]