Monthly Archives: September 2012

Falling in love with a movie

In this week’s instance of my renowned Tuesday Movie Club, one of my favorite films was screened: Before Sunrise. Actually, I have only seen it once, a long time ago (at least 5 years). I remembered the main plot, but practically none of the details. Yet, the movie stuck with me, due to the feelings […]

19 Movies of Summer

Following the Space Film Festival two months ago, my film viewing rate has dropped dramatically. Alas, it was a magical crevice in the everyday routine. Stuck in a land of no opportunities, I gladly embraced the position of laying back and watching movie-after-movie. But, once I got back, the need to do everything got the better of me, […]


Today, I begin a holiday which is almost a month long – up to the 9th of October. I haven’t had so much time off my official work for the last 5 years, and it surely feels very special. Not for a moment does it translate to me to a period of calm and quiet. […]