Luria 11 is the address of a building in Tel-Aviv, Israel. To its left side, there is a stairway leading down to an apartment. It has two bedrooms and a big living room, a big table, automatic rolling shutters and parquet flooring. Two guys live there – university friends who have decided to share a flat in the center of this rocking city. But, many more people are present. The place is always active, hosting a bunch of modern urban characters, locked in an endless race to live the life. It is no longer merely a flat. It is The Luria. For me, it has become a term representing a lifestyle, and my dear group of friends surrounding me.

I myself am Boris, a Ukrainian-born Jew spending the last 20-something years in the State of Israel. By day, I’m a hi-tech team-leader. By night… well, I try to be many things. I love urbanism, I’m a huge fan of FC Barcelona and I adore cinema. I despise stagnation, can’t stand being alone for more than a few hours and am constantly searching for new experiences and story-value. I’m always on the lookout for an adventure.

If you need the drier details, check my Facebook profile.

This blog isn’t focused on a particular theme. It is simply meant as a vehicle for my thoughts and contemplation. The posts themselves can be about anything I ponder on at the time. No topic is taboo.

So, I am in for the ride. Expect common changes in the outline and format of the blog in its early days. Because things are best when they evolve.

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