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On Stories

Suspension of disbelief is a well-known concept in fiction. It describes the relaxing assumptions made by the audience towards implausible events which occur in a work of fiction. A classic example is Superman’s disguise: the audience willingly accepts that a pair of eyeglasses deceives all the people who surround Clark Kent. The entire narrative is based on […]

Three Days by the Cleansing Lake

It is a difficult thing when one exciting thing immediately follows another. Just last night I returned home from the ProgStage festival. I am still ecstatic – that special feeling of being high on emotion and enthusiasm. However, in five hours, my emotions will be re-invested elsewhere: the Camp Nou stadium, where my beloved Barcelona hosts […]

Falling in love with a movie

In this week’s instance of my renowned Tuesday Movie Club, one of my favorite films was screened: Before Sunrise. Actually, I have only seen it once, a long time ago (at least 5 years). I remembered the main plot, but practically none of the details. Yet, the movie stuck with me, due to the feelings […]

19 Movies of Summer

Following the Space Film Festival two months ago, my film viewing rate has dropped dramatically. Alas, it was a magical crevice in the everyday routine. Stuck in a land of no opportunities, I gladly embraced the position of laying back and watching movie-after-movie. But, once I got back, the need to do everything got the better of me, […]


Today, I begin a holiday which is almost a month long – up to the 9th of October. I haven’t had so much time off my official work for the last 5 years, and it surely feels very special. Not for a moment does it translate to me to a period of calm and quiet. […]

Triumph of the Mind

One thing I found out during London 2012, is that when I have little spare time, the Olympics aren’t really interesting. I remember the days of my high-school and university life, when I would sit around the TV and watch swimming or judo for a whole day. I knew all the records of athletics, and […]

The Space Film Festival

An unexpected yet annual event has happened in my life, and I found myself away from home for a whole week, with nothing in particular to do. Luckily, I was joined by friends, each armed with a computer and a data package, as well as my own 320 GB external hard drive. So, out of […]

An educated gamble

Naturally, my midway analysis of Euro 2012 has quickly turned into an object of ridicule. Whereas the Champions League was won by a battered and beat down Chelsea in a true Rocky Balboa style, the strongest team emerged victorious from Poland and Ukraine. So much for my conclusions about national team football being more random and […]

The Black Obelisk

I’ve read Erich Maria Remarque’s novel “Three Comrades” many years ago, sometime during high-school. I love that book, though I can barely recall the characters or the plot. What lingers on me with me is the atmosphere of the book, its main themes and the remembrance of how well-written it is. When I started reading Remarque’s “The […]

The Standard Bearer of Football Romanticism

In recent years, I spent considerably less hours watching football then in I had before. Once I finished my studies, the intensity in my life had increased considerably and I no longer found the time to watch matches from esoteric leagues worldwide. My weekly football dosage has reduced to following each Barcelona match religiously, as well […]