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Falling in love with a movie

In this week’s instance of my renowned Tuesday Movie Club, one of my favorite films was screened: Before Sunrise. Actually, I have only seen it once, a long time ago (at least 5 years). I remembered the main plot, but practically none of the details. Yet, the movie stuck with me, due to the feelings […]

The Black Obelisk

I’ve read Erich Maria Remarque’s novel “Three Comrades” many years ago, sometime during high-school. I love that book, though I can barely recall the characters or the plot. What lingers on me with me is the atmosphere of the book, its main themes and the remembrance of how well-written it is. When I started reading Remarque’s “The […]


A few days ago I was at a friend’s place in Jerusalem, and re-watched the second half of Dogma. It is a glorious movie, which has that rare quality of being ridiculous and witty simultaneously. Its subject is the catholic religion, but at my umpteenth time watching the movie, I noticed how many other fields can be parodied similarly. […]

Moment of Glory

Researches on the subject of happiness have shown that people quickly adjust to a change in their state. Following a lottery winning, a person usually experiences a short-term happiness, but over time gets used to the new fortune. Although I am usually skeptical about academic researches, I do accept this conclusion. It makes sense to […]